Professional Teeth Cleanings and Complete Checkups

As recently as 50 years ago, most people still had dreadful teeth - and a large part of the reason is that check-ups weren’t common yet. Today, an adult check-up is perhaps the best way to prevent oral cancer, excessive tartar, gum disease and other problems.

An adult check-up is also your best shot at getting detailed, accurate information about any cosmetic procedures you may want in the future.

What Does a Check-Up Involve?

A check-up usually involves an examination by a dentist; an oral cancer screening; an X-Ray scan. In our clinic, we use digital x-rays which are faster and significantly safer than the regular variety.

A check-up can involve gum examination, especially if it’s your first time - or if you’ve been suffering from painful gums. It can also be used to get an imprint for your bite and/or track the progress of your orthodontic treatment.

Why Should I Get a Check-Up?

A lot of dental problems and diseases aren’t visible to the naked eye. That means you can’t accurately evaluate your own dental health at home. That might not seem like a big deal - but keep in mind that once a problem gets serious, it can have drastic consequences. A small cavity left unchecked can make your whole tooth collapse; a minor gum problem can make your teeth fall out if left untreated long enough.

Of course, these are extreme scenarios - but the point is, the longer you take to look at a problem, the higher the chances of it becoming big and unmanageable. That’s why it pays to come in for check-ups on time!

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Our Happy Customers

"I had a wonderful experience here at Reach Dental! Everyone was so nice and helpful. I was actually a bit nervous because I had not been to the dentist regularly within the last two years or so. Tania explained everything she did step by step and what I need to do once I leave to maintain until I come back. I will definitely be coming back every 6 months or as often as they recommend!"

Kia Kia

"I've been going to Reach Dental for over a year now. The staff is friendly and helpful and the dentists and hygienists do excellent work. I can confidently recommend them for routine procedures like cleanings to more extensive work like replacing decades old metal fillings and restorative crowns. Thanks to their great work, I am really happy with my pearly whites!"

Sandy Sandy

"I had a crown done and I'm extremely satisfied!! The staff is friendly and very attentive I will recommend this place to all my friends and family. Dr. Bhullar is very patient and knowledgeable, and Lida is such a pleasure and very professional."

Jasmin Jasmin
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